Greenpeace - Turbines : a short film made for COP26 climate summit in collaboration with Projections On Walls.
Shot outside Glasgow, the film was made using stop motion techniques by projecting images frame by frame onto 200m wind turbines.
We ask the questions...

We ask the questions...

At Advantage Pictures, we take on stories that are personal. Quests that seem impossible. And we search for the truth where people don’t look.

Productions big and small

We get films made.

From short 2 minute wonders to feature length adventures We have  an amazing team of people who know how to get films made beautifully in any condition.

From the Mountain - Trailer 2021

Shot on the Jordanian-Syrian border this is the story of legendary Syrian freedom fighter Basha Al-Attrache who fought the British in 1929.

Collaboration and co-production

Film making is all about collaboration and team effort.

We have collaborated with many people around the world to help their team get their films made.

We have also brought films to other countries and been lucky enough to have worked with amazing people who made our films better!

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Anywhere on earth

Prophet of Doom - teaser - in production 2021

The story of a scientist caught up in politics and intrigue who was kidnapped in Madrid in 1985. Currently shooting in Moscow.

Films in development

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