To Where Nothing Has A Name

A 6 part podcast series which follows the story of musician and writer Melissa, who gave up her life as a top baroque cellist in New York to find her true identity as a transgender woman in a painful journey which took her from deep in the heart of the Christian fundamentalist Patriot movement, to discovering kayaking, befriending a pod of whales of the Washington coast and meeting with Wendy Carlos the exceptional electronic composer.

After years of struggle, she tragically having to sell her beloved 17th cello to support her ailing family, and with that the last chance of funding her transition. From the padded cells of lunatic asylums, gun toting radicals and the tranquility of the open water, this series explores Melissa’s life and what it means to be different from society, and yet be such a gift to life.

It is a story of bravery, tragedy and searching for peace in a very cruel world.

PROPHET OF DOOM is a documentary about the vanishing of Vladimir Aleksandrov, a famous Soviet mathematician and climatologist who disappeared in Madrid on 31st March 1985.

Based on the original article by renowned climate journalist Andrew Revkin who had two other articles made into feature films – The Burning Season about the killing of Brazilian human rights advocate Chico Mendez – The Burning Season (HBO) with Raul Julia, and Rock Star about the band Judas Priest with Mark Wahlberg.

Currently, we are developing the story as a documentary and feature drama.

We have the participation of his daughter Olga Aleksandrova, and incredible access to some of the most eminent scientists around the world, who were all friends of Vladimir.

From NASA to the Kremlin, we will be investigating his disappearance, and discover a world of disinformation and deception in the search for the motive of his murder.