At the height of the Cold War, a prominent Soviet climatologist, Vladimir Aleksandrov, vanished while on a trip to Spain.

No trace of him was ever found. 

This is an investigation featuring interviews with his friends, family, colleagues and political players at the time. They paint a tragic portrait of a man committed to his science and his family, caught in a dangerous clash of ideologies. 

Through the interviews, we will learn about the discovery of climate change, the spectre of Nuclear Winter, and how scientific discoveries are weaponised for political gain. 

Aleksandrov became an important chess piece in a complex game of one-upmanship in a world on the brink of war.

This film is a testament to a man who was murdered for trying to help to make the world a safer place. 

Genre: documentary – true crime/espionage/climate change/Nuclear War

Format: 90 minutes/50 Minutes

Director: Nikolai Galitzine

Co-producer: Andrew Revkin

Scientific Advisor: Dr. Giulia Rispoli – Max Planck Institute, Berlin

Inspired by the article “Missing: The curious case of Vladimir Alexandrov” by Andrew Revkin.

Status: In development